Marijuana Suppositories For Menstrual Pain Are Marketed In California

Marijuana suppositories for menstrual pain are marketed in California

Cannabis as a pain reliever has been researched and used for years. It is an alternative to other pain relievers for some people. Now, Foria markets in California a product with three natural ingredients : CBD Isolate (cannabidiol, one of the main components of the plant), organic cocoa butter and carbon dioxide extracted from cannabis oil, which will be used by women suffering from strong menstrual cramps. It is marketed in the form of a vaginal suppository.

These suppositories respect the vaginal pH and take about 15 – 30 minutes to take effect. The price for a pack of four suppositories is $44.

This product uses marijuana medicinally, so it can only be purchased in California by people who have access to medical marijuana.

Foria is a group made up of medical marijuana-based treatment patients and healthcare operators.

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