Mayu Improves The Quality Of Tap Water Thanks To A Whirlpool

MAYU activates and improves drinking water with a whirlpool that never stops flowing. Aerates, detoxifies and improves the taste and quality of the water.

MAYU gently spins the water in a natural way to release contaminants and keep the water oxygenated. The fascinating whirlpool motion mimics those found in nature; introduces air and removes contaminants for healthier, better tasting water. And all this is done in about nine minutes.

It sure is mesmerizing. But the most important thing is that it keeps the water fresh and healthy thanks to its natural flow. Because when water moves, oxygenation sets off subtle chemical chain reactions that cleanse it of compounds it really shouldn’t have.

The premise is simple and is backed by scientific publications, the designers themselves tell us. When water sits still, many dissolved contaminants remain trapped, while aerating it with constant motion releases contaminants and remains oxygenated, fresh, and clear.

When the water continues to flow, it becomes aerated, like wine exposed to air. The swirling motion draws air into the water dissolving into fresh oxygen. It begins a process that makes the water healthier, more delicious, eliminating harmful compounds.

  • Sustainable. Reduce plastic waste by buying less and reducing single-use plastic.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint. You can drink water directly from the tap. That it will taste better than the water they send you from anywhere in the world.
  • Recyclable materials. All the materials of the structure are 100% recyclable and respectful with the environment.

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