Mcdonald’s Is Firmly Committed To Electric Cars

Gas stations are on the way to being a thing of the past. From BP to Shell, they are installing chargers for electric vehicles. Chains like Wawa, Hy-Vee, and Sheetz have partnered with Tesla and other providers of EV chargers. Even hotels follow this strategy. Now, McDonald’s is looking to bring electric vehicle charging to its iconic fast food chain.

McDonald’s has become the largest restaurant chain in Sweden for charging electric cars. After installing its first chargers in 2009, it now has 55 charging stations across the Scandinavian country. The expansion of charging stations continues as McDonald’s intends to include charging stations at all of its self-service restaurants.

Design Boom.

McDonald’s has produced its own version of the classic “parking signs” that lead the electric car driver to restaurant charging stations. … In addition to the current price, the signs also show the current price of the Big Mac and Happy Meal.

Design Boom.

As EV sales rise, McDonald’s wants to make charging easier for you with this twist on the company’s iconic Golden Arches signs.

Our sign is a fun new way to do just that.

Christoffer Rönnblad, McDonald’s Marketing Director in Sweden.

And not only in Sweden. Last year, Vattenfall announced: ” Every McDonald’s restaurant in the Netherlands with a McDrive will have two fast charging points installed .”

McDonald’s plans to include 168 fast charging stations in the Netherlands. Bas Klaassen, McDonald’s Director of Real Estate Development and Construction, said he was happy to ” offer our customers who drive EVs a fast charging point with good facilities on their way .”


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