Meet The Woman Who Has Lived More Than 30 Years From Her Garden And Spends $80 Per Week

Meet the woman who has lived in her garden for more than 30 years and spends $80 per week

Writer and environmental activist, Jill Redwood built her own house in East Gippsland, Australia, using only recyclable materials, wooden walls, as well as reuse and the wattle technique, in a completely self-taught way. A woman who has learned to live in harmony with nature and from whom we can all learn an infinite number of things. She has dedicated her life to protecting the environment in Australia.

Jill Redwood with one of her horses

Jill Redwood solar panels

He has lived a small farm of 15 hectares, 60 animals, a house and a garden for more than thirty years. She hardly ever goes to the supermarket, once every 6 months, and has an average weekly expense of $80, most of that money is spent on animals.

Jill Redwood's kitchen

Jill Redwood1

Jill Redwood stove and kitchen

Her pantry is full of preserves, most of them made by herself. Jill Redwood is a vegetarian and eats only organic food. Depending on the season, your garden decides what is on the menu.

Almost all of the furniture, clothing, or utensils you use in your home are salvaged from the trash or bought second-hand. As she herself often says: ” It is incredible the things that people can throw away .”

Jill Redwood, her bedroom

Her only “luxury” is her internet connection, totally necessary for her today to be able to exercise her environmental activism.

Jill Redwood2

Jill Redwood building her house

Completely disconnected from the rest of the world, Jill uses no municipal water, no telephone or television and produces her own electricity with solar panels. She lives next to a stream that provides her with all the water she needs. She spent approximately $3,000 to build her house, most of that money spent on roofs and floors.

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