Mushroom-based Meatless “vegan Bacon” Arrives

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Prime Roots launches Koji mushroom-based “vegan bacon,” and they are already selling it online.

Prime Roots, a plant-based protein company, has launched its meatless bacon that it claims tastes like the original bacon. A product that they sell online.

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The key ingredient in Prime Roots bacon is koji, a whole food protein source rich in umami, highly prized in haute cuisine and used by Michelin-starred chefs. According to a press release, the super protein koji in Prime Roots naturally has the texture and flavor of meat without the need for hyper-processing techniques.

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Prime Roots’ new Vegetable Meatless Bacon uses homemade koji, a super protein that naturally has the texture and flavor of meat.

The chefs at Prime Roots blend proprietary super protein with vegetable fats to create a block of “pork belly” that balances layers of crunchy protein and melt-in-your-mouth fat. They then put it in a wood-burning smoker to impart a natural smoky flavor and cut it by hand into delicious strips.

Prime Roots founders Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon tell us that the vegetarian bacon sold out almost immediately.

Since we launched the product, we sold in a few hours (more than 1000 packages of bacon) and our waiting list has been incredible! We are preparing future online sales, also in other channels where we will be when we expand our production.

Kimberlie Lie.

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