Mylo Driver Bag, Made With The First Leather Made From Mushrooms

Designed to be sustainable, natural and to mimic the experience of owning a leather item, the Driver Bag is a unique alternative to this material… a leather made from mushrooms! Made from the fibrous mycelium found in mushroom roots, Mylo looks and feels exactly the same as leather (apparently quite difficult to differentiate between them), with the exception of environmental impact, being a qualitative step up from synthetic leather. Due to its appearance, it looks exactly like conventional leather.

Developed by Bolt Threads and designed by Chester Wallace, the Driver Bag is the debut for “mushroom leather” that is one of a kind. This portfolio has two great purposes. Its design and style make it ideal for everyday use.

The Mylo comes with a unique brown leather, reminiscent of aged leather, being just as tough and elegant. Along with the black canvas trim, you have a bag that looks as good (or even better) than any conventional leather, with two internal and three external pockets for storing your personal items. 

The second purpose of this bag is to disrupt the leather market with an alternative that is ecologically sustainable, cruelty free, and can be produced in days rather than years, without causing any waste, or the moral dilemma of wearing animal skins or toxic chemicals.

The super-leather Mylo has gained popularity in 2018, while receiving support from fashion icon Stella McCartney, who showed her work with Mylo at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum in April. The “Driver Bag” designed by Portland native Chester Wallace is one of many products in the Mylo catalog (which also extends to handbags and key rings). 

Bolt Threads hopes that Mylo will catch the world’s attention in order to boost its production, allowing it to become as popular and recognized material as leather, while minimizing the ecological impact on our planet. 

The Mylo ™ Driver Bag is the world’s first commercially available product made from Mylo, a new sustainable material made from fibrous mycelium, the root of mushrooms.

Designed in collaboration with Portland-based brand Chester Wallace, the Mylo ™ Driver Bag produced by Bolt Projects forms a unisex wallet, created with practical functionality that is truly paramount. A recreation of Chester Wallace’s classic “Driver” silhouette, each of these wallets are hand cut and sewn in Portland, OR, constructed entirely from Bolt Threads Mylo ™ material, combined with a canvas base. The bag features a durable silhouette with two internal and three external pockets.

What is Mylo?

Mylo is a modern vision for making leather from fibrous mycelium. The mycelium grows underground, forming large networks that help recycle organic matter from the forest, while providing nutrients to plants and trees. The threads are intertwined and assembled together, creating a 3D matrix capable of extending up to miles in length.

Materials development

Mylo is similar to handmade leather and shares the same warm touch, flexibility, process control and growing environment. They can manipulate the properties of the material and make each Mylo ™ Driver bag truly unique.

Mylo is created by combining mycelium cells with a corn stalk substrate and other nutrients. For 10 days they grow on the substrate, creating an interconnected mass that can be molded to almost any size. The result is a material that looks and feels distinctly the same as animal leather. Despite this, Mylo can be produced in days rather than years, without the waste of material, the use of animal skins, or the use of toxic chemicals commonly used in the production of synthetic leather.

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