Narke Electrojet, The Electric Jet Ski That Wants To Revolutionize The Market

Narke Electrojet

The Hungarian company Narke presents the first electric jet ski to be produced in series. The Electrojet is a 45 kW water-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor electric watercraft with a carbon body, with a top speed of 55 km / h in near silence.

Electrojet is a fairly simple idea: a jet ski, but an electric one. It uses a 45 kW internal electric motor design and a lithium-ion battery pack of indeterminate size, which the company says can be used for up to 90 minutes of “normal” driving.

“Conventional” jet skis incorporate internal combustion engines, many with “two-stroke” cycle engines, so they burn oil. With all that this implies.

Narke Electrojet electric watercraft

Narke Electrojet is quiet and emission-free.

Charging takes about two hours for 80%, and there is talk of a removable battery that can be changed to keep the bike always in the water. It has a carbon-reinforced composite design, which focuses on high strength and low weight, but no weight figures are available yet.

It seats two people, maybe three people if you’re slim, and has a nice digital display with what looks like an integrated Bluetooth smartphone for navigation, weather, and phone functions.

Narke has several prototypes, and has been organizing some demonstration events at Lake Balaton, half an hour southwest of Budapest. There are no dates or prices available for the production model yet.

A key problem this bike may encounter is that it may not be fast enough, or go far enough, for the average personal watercraft buyer.

That said, electric propulsion will revolutionize this segment just as much as wheeled transportation and aviation in the long run, and the idea of ​​quiet, emission-free personal watercraft is like music to our ears … as long as they stay away from bathers. .

You can see a promotional video of this bike:

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