Nasa’s World Pollution Map Shows How China Worsens While The Us And Europe Improve

NASA's world pollution map shows how China worsens while the US and Europe improve

According to research conducted by NASA scientists, the air pollution trend from 2005 to 2014 is improving in most countries. The results, obtained from satellite monitoring of 195 cities around the planet, indicate the positive trend in this matter.

Pollution United States 2005

“These changes in air quality patterns are not random. When governments step in and say we’re going to build something here or we’re going to regulate this pollutant, you see the impact on the data. “

Bryan Duncan of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Unfortunately, the improvements were not uniform. If you live in Europe, Japan, or the United States, the air quality has most likely improved.

If you live in China and to a lesser extent, in India, you will not have the same luck. Air pollution levels have increased.

Nitrogen dioxide

It is nitrogen dioxide (NO2): gas emitted by cars, power plants and industrial activity, normally suffocating major cities with urban smog.

In the United States, it has decreased by 20-50% in a decade, while in Western Europe nitrogen dioxide concentrations are below 50%, mainly due to regulations on emissions.

Meanwhile, the concentration in China grew from 20 to 50%.

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