Nes: New Vintage Style Electric Scooter

NES Nitobikes

Presented at the EICMA 2017, we discovered the characteristics of this new zero emission scooter from NitoBikes.

Among the many new pavilions present at EICMA 2017, one of them was especially dedicated to innovations. In this area, the Nito company presents NES, an electric scooter with a retro design but with modern technology. Approved for two people, the NES is available in two versions, the NES 5 and the NES 10, which reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h and 90 km / h respectively. It will be on the market from the end of November, and thanks to the colors and accessories available it will be possible to choose between 72 different combinations.

The style adopted by this moped is interesting, with a clear reference to the past thanks to its clean lines and the option of being able to place the saddle in an elevated position. Recalling motorcycles of yesteryear, it is also an example of the possibility of choosing vintage-style tires.

The innovative use of marine plywood for certain parts of the body, in addition to the helmets, makes this moped an alternative to consider for people who place importance on design. Thanks to these solutions, it becomes an easily recognizable vehicle even in the midst of fierce competition.

Lithium batteries are removable and have a charging time of between 3-4 hours; the declared autonomy, depending on the chosen model, is 60 or 80 km, while the weight, excluding the battery pack, is only 85 kg. The motor has a power of 4 KW, while in the front and rear we find disc brakes for greater safety.

The prices to the public of these two new models will be respectively 4,740 euros for the NES 5 and 5,250 euros for the NES 10.

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