New Chevrolet Bolt In Pre-production

New Chevrolet Bolt in pre-production

Competition among automakers offering electric models will move to a wider clientele around the world. A new generation of “electric cars” is coming with the long-awaited Tesla Model 3.

Per is not going to be the only novelty. The rest of the brands are also sharpening their weapons and are already announcing technologies for a new generation of electric cars that augurs a booming sector in the coming years. This is the case of Chevrolet, which is immersed in the pre – production of its electric Bolt.

New Chevrolet Bolt in pre-production

The new Chevrolet Bolt will go into production about a year before the Tesla Model 3. The first unit was produced on a modern assembly line at the General Motors plant in Orion, Michigan.

A test for verification of the assembly line and for the construction of a prototype that is perfectly in line with the design specifications. Series production of the Chevrolet Bolt will begin at the end of 2016: in line with what was announced two months ago at CES in Las Vegas, and with General Motors’ industrial strategies that generally take 6 to 12 months between the decision. from pre – production of a new model and series production for sale.

New Chevrolet Bolt in production

The new Chevrolet Bolt will have a range of 320 km and a sale price of 33,500 euros. A price that can decrease with state aid for the purchase of this type of non-polluting vehicles.

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