New Engines For The Tesla Model S And X That Increase Their Autonomy By 10%

Tesla Model S in charge
Tesla Model S in charge. Image: JL Images Shutterstock

After introducing permanent magnet synchronous electric motors in the Model 3, Tesla has also updated the Model S and Model X with this type of powertrain. In this way, the saloon and the SUV have become even more efficient and, according to the company, guarantee a range 10% higher than that of previous asynchronous units.

Up to 595km on one charge.

The long-range versions of the two cars will continue to use a 100 kWh battery, allowing the SUV to travel up to 523 km on the EPA cycle and the sedan to travel 595 km on a single charge.

The Standard Range versions, meanwhile, will offer a range of 402 and 459 km respectively. Thanks to the introduction of the new motors, which also incorporate improvements in the cooling systems, all versions will offer superior performance: the synchronous units generate more power and torque.

Customers who wish to replace their Model S or X with a new model with synchronous motors can also request the “Ludicrous” mode for free, an option normally offered for $20,000 (17,838 euros).

Even faster recharging.

Image: JL Images Shutterstock

The new versions of the two electric can access the new fast charging systems of the Californian manufacturer. Like the Model 3, the Model S and X can also use the V3 supercharger with a maximum power of 200 kW, in order to cut the charging time in half.

The power supply has also been improved with the Supercharger V2, which can now restore the battery charge to 145 kW.

Adaptive suspensions are here.

The updates will also improve the performance line of the suspension over time thanks to the new functions. Lastly, there are also new tires designed to improve efficiency.

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