New Motor For Electric Bikes That Promises A Range Of 420 Km

The new E-P3 motor is presented, a new motor system for electric bicycles designed and developed entirely by Polini technicians, with a unique design, compact dimensions, one of the lowest weights available on the market, high performance, easy assembly and installation for manufacturers on all types of bicycles.


Lightweight and powerful. At just 2.85 kg, not counting the crown, the Polini E-P3 delivers 250 watts of power (500 watts peak) and a maximum pedaling torque of 70 Nm. Power and torque can also be optimized with specific software to adjust battery consumption and starting points.

A hole in the crankcase allows periodic lubrication of the gears, ensuring stable performance, low noise, and longer service life.

Engine support.

To facilitate assembly for manufacturers, a practical engine frame support has also been designed, available in four universal versions: road, front MTB and full MTB.

Pedal levers.

Polini has designed for the E-P3 engine three pedal pins of specific length for the tires mounted on the different models of electric bikes: 136 mm, 142 mm standard wheels, 3.5 ″ wheels 157 mm, 5 ″ wheels

3 sensors.

The E-P3 has a torque sensor, a speed sensor and a cadence sensor. All three sensors are managed by a sophisticated processor that, depending on the rider’s pedaling style, offers dynamic control at any speed.


The lateral dimensions are among the smallest in its category and allow the mounting of a double crown with derailleur for racing and MTB bikes, allowing a correct position on the saddle comparable to that of a non-powered bicycle.

Battery and bracket integrated into the frame.

The innovative design of the battery (available in 400 or 500 Wh) allows its integration into the frame, ensuring an attractive aesthetic effect. Designed to reduce visual impact, the battery holder is made of aluminum and integrates seamlessly with the battery holder.

The standard  battery is 500 Wh,  although we have  the possibility of adding an extra battery  that doubles that capacity to 1000 Wh, to take the autonomy up to 420 km.

Battery chargers are compact, lightweight and extremely fast to charge.

The compact dimensions result in a gain of usable space for the installation of the essential water bottle holder.

Among the innovative aesthetic solutions introduced, Polini E-P3 offers the possibility to house all the control cables (rear brake, gearbox and any front gearbox) inside the battery and motor mount, limiting their visibility.

The lighting system can be connected directly to the engine and the ignition is conveniently controlled from the screen.

If you have to push your e-bike by hand, the E-P3 allows you to advance at 6 km / h with the push of a button.

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