New Technology To Increase Efficiency And Extend The Useful Life Of Solar Panels

SunPower P19 Residential Performance.

SunPower launches a technology designed in Silicon Valley, solar cells without metal contacts between them. SunPower’s exclusive new solar technology completely changes the way a photovoltaic panel is structured. Thanks to this innovation, they can guarantee product and performance for 25 years.  

We are talking about its SunPower P19 Performance model, a monocrystalline photovoltaic solar panel that exceeds 19% efficiency, with a power of 390 / 400W, in its commercial version, and 315 / 330W, in its residential version.

Its great value lies in the fact that its catchment area is larger than conventional panels, managing to generate more in the same area.

In addition, they have eliminated the metallic connections between the photovoltaic cells, thus reducing a weak point of traditional panels, thus increasing their useful life and being able to guarantee a 25-year warranty.

Some panels practically immune to the most common problems of conventional solar panels, broken connections between cells and problems caused by corrosion.

A highly recommended solar panel for medium or large projects for its commercial version, where maximum profitability is normally sought with maximum performance. But also for residential use due to its efficiency and totally black aesthetics.

P19 Performance photovoltaic panels were included by the  DNV GL PV Module Reliability Scorecard , in the list of  the best in the five reliability tests carried out, such as: thermal cycles, humid heat, moisture freezing, dynamic mechanical load and potential degradation induced potential.

SunPower P19 Performance Advantages.

Among its advantages we can find:

  • Exclusive technology, proven and guaranteed efficiency.
  • No connections between cells, thus avoiding one of the biggest causes of breakage in photovoltaic solar panels.
  • The cells are bonded together with an adhesive used in the  aerospace industry, maintaining the energy flow and the lowest maximum temperatures in the cell.
  • Exclusive encapsulation, which protects them from corrosion, another factor that causes more breakage in the panels.
  • Innovative tile / tile design eliminates reliability issues that occurred in conventional cell-to-cell contacts.
  • It does not generate “hot spots”, which helps the current circulate freely over the surface of the panel.
  • Unique parallel circuit design, which gives us  more energy in shady conditions, greater ground or roof coverage. Under these conditions, a  traditional solar panel  has power losses estimated at 33%, while a  SunPower panel  only loses  8%.
  • 25-year product warranty and 25-year production warranty.

You can check the price of these photovoltaic panels on the website of SunFields Europe, one of SunPower’s exclusive distributors.

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