New Zealand Airline Serves Coffee In Edible Cups To Reduce Waste

New Zealand’s national airline is testing edible coffee cups on its flights in an attempt to reduce the amount of waste on board its planes.

The mugs, from local company Twiice, are made from vanilla-flavored biscuit – and are apparently ” leak-proof .”

Air New Zealand, which serves more than eight million cups of coffee a year, wants to reduce the amount of waste on its planes.

Air New Zealand is testing edible cups “in the air and on the ground” as part of its efforts to find ” innovative ways to be more sustainable “.

The mugs have been a huge hit with customers who have used them, and we’ve been using the mugs as dessert bowls too.

Niki Chave, Air New Zealand.

Jamie Cashmore, co-founder of Twiice, said the mugs ” could have a really positive impact on the environment .”

In the world, billions of plastic coffee cups are used, but only a tiny part of them are recycled.

Air New Zealand, in addition to edible cups, uses compostable cups made of paper and corn.

But some people believe that a change in cups is not a big enough environmental commitment. They want a bigger commitment first, they want plastic-free flights.

Then we have the most important problem, flights produce greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels, which contribute to global warming when they are released into the atmosphere.


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