Nubike, The Bicycle With Traction Levers Instead Of Chain

NuBike, the bicycle with traction levers instead of chain

Probably ever since bicycles were invented, people have been looking for alternatives to the traditional approach of pedaling in circles. Los Angeles inventor Rodger Parker has used one of these alternatives on his NuBike, which he says is more efficient than a chain drive bike.

Along with its carbon fiber frame, what really stands out on the NuBike are the levers that go from the pedals to the hitch on the rear hub. These allow drivers to simply push up and down on the pedals, causing the rear wheel to spin. This configuration reportedly has a number of advantages.

First of all, its inventor claims that it is more efficient than a chain or belt drive. According to Brown, because the levers are much longer than traditional levers, riders are able to deliver more torque (and therefore power) to the wheel for a given amount of effort. It also claims that because the pedals move vertically, riders can more effectively use the force of gravity to help push them down.

In addition, he comments that the lever actuation system is better for the hips, knees and ankles, plus it does not require users to pull an oily chain to remove the rear wheel. And yes, it does allow for multiple speeds – the current road bike prototype has four, although Rodger says future cheaper models (like children’s bikes) will have fewer.

The prototype weighs 10 kg. By replacing the current 7075 aluminum levers with magnesium levers, along with other changes, the final commercial model is expected to weigh 8kg.

Its price will be around $3,600. You can see the NuBike in action, in the video below.

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