Oceanic Hybrid Modular Platform For Various Renewable Applications

Initially designed to produce power from ocean waves, SINN Power’s floating structure is great for other applications. Firstly, it can be easily adapted to serve as a floating platform for wind and solar applications, and secondly, it presents a good opportunity in applications for the tourism and leisure sector.

Harsh environmental conditions require good design.

Made with the latest generation materials.

IP68 electrical components and saltwater resistant materials ensure long life and minimal maintenance.

High-tech buoy.

Robust, lightweight and easy-to-maintain buoy for the maritime environment and a distribution of buoyancy aimed at reducing the impact of waves.

Modular design.

SINN Power structure can be designed in various designs according to specific demands.

Lightweight construction.

Optimization of the weight / launch ratio for profitable production.

  • Load capacity up to 20 Tm for a 2 x 2 structure
  • The design of the buoys guarantees a minimum relative movement of the entire structure with respect to incoming waves of up to 2 m. The stability of the platform is up to 10 m.
  • SINN Power’s patented system can be used to actively regulate the height of the platforms above the water level: a leveling of up to 3 m is assumed.
  • Profitable platform design.
  • Easy shipping with ISO containers and easy installation worldwide.
  • High flexibility in layout and design due to modular approach (12m x 12m list).
  • Efficient maintenance thanks to easy access to the substructure.

OHP – combining Waves, Wind and Photovoltaics.

The perfect design for any location: SINN Power’s OHP can be customized according to the specific climatic conditions of each location.

Wave energy.

Integration of 4 wave energy converters per floating unit with powers that depend on the weather.


For regions with low potential for wave energy, the platform can be equipped with up to 20kW per floating unit.

Wind power.

Small wind turbines are a great source of renewable energy. Up to 4 6 kWp wind turbines can be equipped per floating unit.

Full hybrid | Wave, PV, Wind.

The hybrid OSP is equipped with all the renewable energy technologies mentioned above. In the right locations, customers will benefit from the higher base load capacity, reducing the need for storage and therefore cutting costs.

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