Ochis Coffee, The World’s First Sunglasses Made With Coffee Grounds

In a world that must be heading towards sustainability at full speed, Ochis Coffee is at the forefront with its brand-new sunglasses made from natural coffee and linen. Unlike conventional plastic frames, these coffee-scented glasses are biodegradable – according to their manufacturers, these sunglasses decompose 100 times faster than traditional glasses and become a natural fertilizer for plants.

The best thing for many is waking up in the morning smelling of coffee, which makes the subtle coffee aroma of these sunglasses good news for them. These stylish glasses can be adapted to any prescription lens, or you can choose one of the four UV color options they offer. Featuring an innovative design, the temples flex to comfortably fit all face shapes, and the tips can be bent to further enhance their fit.

The brain behind these eco-friendly sunglasses is Max Gavrilenko, who came to him as a child as his father worked in an optician’s. However, Gavrilenko wanted to do things differently, and after a long investigation, he is about to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first five sustainable models of these organic sunglasses.

Ochis Coffee is not the first to design sustainable sunglasses. However, while most other companies tend to focus on bamboo or wood products for frames, Gavrilenko and his team have developed a process that removes all oil, choosing instead a biopolymer made from coffee (coffee grounds). coffee tablets), flax and a natural glue made with soybean oil. If you like to work in the orchard or garden, you know that coffee is good for the earth – these frames naturally decompose at the end of their life cycle, taking about 10 years to decompose and become fertilizer.

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