Odd.bot, The Robot Capable Of Pulling Weeds Threatens Herbicides

There are more and more robots capable of doing more jobs. More and more automation that is entering all sectors, today we talk about the farmer with Odd.Bot, a robot to remove weeds automatically.

Odd.Bot unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last month with an information booth. Martijn Lukaart, Founder and CEO, explains that Odd.Bot is currently designed for use in organic farming, with the idea of ​​making the weeding process easier for large farms that currently do all the work manually.

Many farmers with large tracts of land have already invested in a platform that allows workers to sit and watch the robots pull weeds faster and more conveniently.

Odd.Bot can improve crop yields by attacking weeds early on and continuously. This gives the crops more room to grow without competition from weeds, and therefore a higher yield.

Odd.Bot is 100% organic as it performs its task without any toxic chemicals that can cause harm to plants. Makes work much easier for farmers.

Odd.Bot works autonomously along the rows of crops, powered by heavy-duty tires. A mechanism in the center of the robot extends downward to remove weeds as it moves. Cameras and sensors keep the robot on task and away from crops, regardless of the width of the row. Robots can be hired to clear fields or as a useful “hand” as crops mature.

In addition to reducing the manual workload and minimizing the need for tractors that consume a lot of gasoline and that pollute the environment, Odd.Bot also hopes to reach the traditional agricultural market where they can influence a decrease in the use of traditional herbicides.

On their website they make their objective public: ” With our Weed Whacker we intend to save more than 170,000 liters of chemical herbicides in the next seven years “.

By making organic farming more profitable, Odd.Bot also hopes to contribute directly or indirectly to the growth of healthy food at reasonable costs.

More information: www.odd.bot

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