Office In Amsterdam Made Entirely Of Cardboard

Office in Amsterdam made entirely of cardboard Nothing

The Dutch advertising agency Nothing  was looking for office equipment for limited budgets, so they turned to the Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk and the director of design Alrik Koudenburg, to design a cheap but functional office. The solution surprised everyone, they proposed the design of an office completely made of cardboard, almost nothing.

Office in Amsterdam made entirely of cardboard

Constructed entirely of cardboard, this office was a large open space, now occupied with these curious pieces of furniture and rooms. Now, with corrugated cardboard as a raw material, walls and furniture have been distributed throughout the entire apartment where this advertising agency is based.

Office in Amsterdam made entirely of cardboard1

The truth is that we are not surprised by this type of design solutions, some time ago we published articles talking about the new fashion of designing with corrugated cardboard. From desks to modular furniture, and even beds that support the weight of more than 10 people.

Office in Amsterdam made entirely of cardboard2

Everything is done “without glue, without screws”, using a special lace technique. Using this cheap disposable material to build a unique and functional workspace has turned out to be a fantastic idea. With the added advantage that corrugated cardboard is 100% recyclable.

The designers created the entire office space by carefully cutting and folding 15mm sheets of honeycomb cardboard. Although they may appear to be weak furniture, they are actually strong and rigid.

The design includes desks, tables, bookshelves, columns, stairs, and even rooms made of the same material.

Office in Amsterdam made entirely of cardboard5

Each part is structurally stable, and if for some reason a table is damaged, its repair is very cheap and a new part can easily be manufactured to replace the old one.

Office in Amsterdam made entirely of cardboard detail

The style of the office is timeless, it has been modeled ” without glue – without screws “, with a spirit in the design where form follows functionality and only the most basic elements remain.

Office in Amsterdam made entirely of cardboard design

Van Bleiswijk’s design work draws inspiration from historical industrial design objects that have long since been forgotten, such as the desk, grandfather clock, hourglass, and even the chessboard. The end result is a timeless, versatile and sustainable design workspace that never goes out of style.

Office in Amsterdam made entirely of flat cardboard

We had already talked on occasion about cardboard furniture, specifically in ” Modular cardboard furniture, do it yourself “, a very interesting article where you will see that you can easily assemble a house with its furniture in this material.

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