One Bike. The Total Bicycle.


One Bike is an innovation, as well as a nice and strange electric bike, which turns into an exercise bike and also generates its own energy.

It is a device that can generate electricity for later use, through kinetic energy, since it has built-in batteries in which the energy produced is stored.

After normal use on the street, we can fold it, adapt it to a special device that turns it into a stationary bicycle and with the same pedaling with which we exercise we are generating electricity and recharging its batteries.

At the same time, the device gives you all the data of the exercise performed, as in a normal gym machine: heart rate, speed obtained, distance traveled, calories burned and more additional information.

In short, we have an electric bicycle that saves us time on the move, avoids CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and also induces us to exercise.

Can you ask for more?

I forgot, it’s a design by Byoung-soo Choi and Kim Jun-kyeong, which we hope to see on the market soon.

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