One More Week Of Vacation A Year If You Go To Work By Bike

One more week of vacation a year if you go to work by bike

A Spanish company has decided to incentivize its employees in a very particular way, whoever goes to work by bicycle or in any other non-motorized vehicle will have one more week of vacation a year.

The company is  JAE-Ingenieria y Desarrollos  de Logroño. Their system is very simple. Every day that one of their employees goes to work without resorting to motor vehicles, they will be entitled to a ten-minute vacation, up to a total of one week at the end of the year.

Another incentive that they have also implemented is to reward employees who share the car on the way to work: it will be 6 minutes a day.

The goal is to improve work efficiency, employee well-being and the environment, as sustainable mobility benefits these three factors.

A similar ordinance has been passed in Pernambuco, Brazil. This guarantees that any of its employees who use the bicycle for 15 days to go to work will get a day off. Initiatives that little by little the public and private sectors are guiding for a more sustainable mobility.

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