Online Course On Bioconstruction In Video

Online course on Bioconstruction in video

An online course that was filmed almost entirely in the town of El Bolsòn, Rio Negro province (Argentina). Carried out with the support of the Secretary of Culture of the Presidency of Argentina. It has been declared of interest by the program “Architecture and Construction with Earth” of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires. “

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It is an introduction to this type of construction: its characteristics, history of bio-construction, the prejudices that exist today about the earth as a construction material, its main virtues and also its main disadvantages and how we can solve or minimize them.

Jorge Belanko talks with neighbors clarifying their doubts, such as whether it is possible to build this type of house in rainy areas, the different styles of construction or the possibility of self-construction, among many other topics.

Families who are building and living in natural houses also participate, sharing their experiences. We will see constructions with more than 3000 years that are still standing, and others that are not so old, for example a 100-year-old pocket house, in the process of restoration.

Techniques for raising walls are described: adobes, green roofs, thermal blocks, among others. We will see how a natural house is built, from the foundations to the ceiling and painting, and practically everything with natural materials taken from the land itself.

This documentary also has the participation of Arch. Gernot Minke (from the University of Kassel, Germany), who has been working with natural materials and techniques for 30 years.

Part 1. Introduction.

Part 2. Techniques.

Part 3. The house.


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