Orbsys Shower. Saves 90% In Water And 80% In Energy

OrbSys Shower

Mehrdad Mahdjoubi , industrial designer, created this system 2 years ago. Like many other inventions and advancements we enjoy today, this project was funded by NASA and is currently used on their expeditions into space. Remember that in space, astronauts wash and drink from the same source which is constantly recycled.

Given its good results in space, it has begun to be tested on earth. The first place where it was tested was in the  Ribersborgs Kallbadhus spa on the coast of Sweden, where it has been used for a whole summer in an environment with a large influx of users, with intensive use and far exceeding the expectations set in the project, operating to perfection and opening the door to its possible mass production / distribution, in which its designer has put all his efforts.

OrbSys2 Shower

“In an extreme environment, like a space mission to Mars, these design concepts are taken into account to use all possible resources back and forth. I see no reason why we can’t be as efficient on Earth as we can be in space. “

OrbSys1 Shower

The Nordics Choise Hotels chain has incorporated it into their hotels as an efficient shower system.

How the OrbSys shower works.

OrbSysThe system is extremely efficient and simple: a closed circuit in which  the hot water from the tap that goes to the drain, is instantly purified, turning into drinking water, this water is pumped again so that it comes out again through the shower head, keeping the heat during the whole process.

If we take an example, a 10 minute shower usually only uses about 150 liters in water, with OrbSys that figure would be reduced to 5 liters, really impressive. But here there is no saving, because we must also count the savings we have by not having to reheat the water. In total, an average savings of about 1,351 dollars per year per person is calculated. This calculation is made for Sweden, it will vary depending on the country, the frequency and time of shower to which each one is used. On its website it has a calculator where it tells you your personalized savings: orbital-systems.com/measure-cost


The system does not compromise on comfort. It has a water pressure higher than normal and a stable flow, unlike conventional ones, it works independently of other appliances. Saying that the system is hygienic, the water is always reused with the same user. When the shower is over, the used water runs down the drain and the system is restarted with new water. It also removes more than 99.9% of contaminants, and actually pumps cleaner water than what enters your home from the main supply.

It is still too early to know its exact price but the designer speaks of a payback period of two years. In view of the increases in costs that we have suffered lately, this payback period will possibly be shorter.

This system promises to revolutionize the current system.

“My interest is not in the objects, but in the system. This will have many applications. Everyone should save as many resources as possible, but obviously they would be even more valuable to people living in water-scarce areas. I want to reach as many people as possible. This is the next step. It’s not just about saving water. The motivation is to be smart about how we use the resources of our planet ”.

This is one of the many systems that we have talked about lately to save water and energy in the shower.

You can buy it at:  orbital-systems.com

Picture credits: Christian Lindh.

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