Original Ideas For Recycling Traditional Light Bulbs

Original ideas for recycling traditional light bulbs

Many people ask us what  to do with all those traditional bulbs that in the coming months or years we will change for more efficient ones, energetically speaking. In fact, many countries have already banned them and the vast majority of countries are soon expected to do so. Well, we already have several examples of bulb recycling on the web.

You can also switch to efficient lighting with this other article: How to make a homemade LED flashlight.

Here we leave you 16 original ideas to be able to reuse all those bulbs that we are removing or will remove from our homes in a short time. Investing little money, with work and skill, you can make all the designs that we propose.

  1. A ship in a light bulb.
  2. Coffee maker with two bulbs.
  3. Make decorations for our Christmas tree.
  4. More Christmas decorations.
  5. Make our own homemade Christmas balloons.
  6. Hourglass with two candle bulbs.
  7. Alcohol lamp.
  8. Salt – Pepper shaker.
  9. With LED diodes to decorate.
  10. Jar with flowers.
  11. Convert our bulbs into lamps.
  12. Spice jars.
  13. Terrarium.
  14. Aquarium.
  15. Balloon.
  16. Home decorations.
  17. Hanging vases.
  18. Spiders
  19. Christmas wreath.
  20. Mini – pots with bulbs.
  21. Small greenhouse for cultivation.

1. A boat in a light bulb.

Explanatory video where you can find the instructions to do it at home.

2. Coffee maker with two bulbs.

A manual shared on YouTube by the user Rulof Maker, an expert in “Do it yourself” with some interesting ideas.

How to make a coffee maker with 2 traditional bulbs

3. Make decorations for our Christmas tree.

Some fantastic decorations that you can make with the little ones in the house. You can reduce the amount of waste produced at Christmas.

4. More Christmas decorations. Complete instructions.

Light bulbs are a great raw material for making all kinds of Christmas decorations. Experiment, surely many possibilities occur to you.

recycling light bulb christmas ornament

Christmas bauble with light bulbs. Image: Werner Rebel Shutterstock

5. Make our own homemade Christmas balloons.

A complicated project but with a spectacular result.

balloon christmas bulb

6. Hourglass  with two candle bulbs.

A most original hourglass.


7. Alcohol lamp.

With a wick and alcohol we can make a super-original lamp.

alcohol lamp

8. For example on this website, they re-locate them in the kitchen.

light bulb in the kitchen

Salt – pepper shakers for your kitchen.

9. In this other they replace the old filaments with LED diodes, for decorative purposes.

LED bulb

By adding some LEDs we can use them as decorative objects.

10. Vase with flowers.

vase with bulb flowers

Very original and easy to make vases.

11. Bulbs Unlimited Home, a company that sells a kit to convert our bulbs into lamps.

lamp bulbs

This company is dedicated to designing modern lamps using old traditional bulbs as a base.

12. Spice jars.

recycling salt shakers

A project that I love. One species per bulb, you can also make the base yourself.

13. Terrarium.

A beautiful mini terrarium that will hallucinate everyone who sees it.

14. Aquarius.


A miniature aquarium in a project for the brave.

15. Balloon.


Gorgeous decorative balloons relatively easy to make.

16. Home decorations.

home ornament

With a little imagination you can use the bulbs as a base for your home decorations.

17. Hanging vases.

Hanging vases

Some hanging vases to make your porch unique.

18. Spiders.

Red spiders

This if you did not expect it ????

19. Christmas wreath.

Christmas wreath

A Christmas wreath with those colored bulbs that we used years ago to give a touch of color.

20. Mini – pots  with light bulbs.

21. Small greenhouse for cultivation.

Turn an old light bulb into a small greenhouse for growing in 3 easy steps

How to convert a traditional light bulb into a small greenhouse for home growing plants at home.

If anyone has any more ideas, feel free to share them. Here is a video where you will find much more inspiration:

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