Bmw Presents A Zero-emission Electric Motorcycle That Aspires To Become A “symbol For A New Era”

BMW has presented its new bet, the Motorrad Concept Link, a zero-emission urban motorcycle that, to respond to new demands, deepens the connection between the driver and the vehicle. According to its promoters, this model will become a ” symbol for a new era” of mobility. With a different and distinctive design that could be

Portable Toilet, Without The Need For Installation Or Water, Capable Of Evaporating 95% Of The Waste Water

2.6 billion people around the planet do not have access to safe toilets. In addition to affecting their health, women and girls “ face high rates of violence when they do not have access to safe and decent sanitation ,” according to biochemist and businesswoman Diana Yousef, executive director of Change WATER Labs. She is

How To Make And Use Nettle Slurry

Nettle slurry is one of the home remedies that can not be missing in our garden or urban garden, it has so many properties and so many uses that it will seem magical. It is one of the most used remedies in organic farming and always with excellent results, it will serve us both to

Pet Bottles For Impressive Multi-color Ceiling

Designer Garth Britzman had a great idea to reuse those PET bottles that accumulate in our landfills. He uses them to mount this multi-colored ceiling. The bottles are tied, suspended and filled with liquid of different colors and perfectly fulfills its mission of protecting from the sun’s rays. Great idea for endless locations. Here is