Organic Germination Solution

An intelligent system designed to provide a safe haven for the seeds before they are transplanted into the ground when it is time to sprout. The little plates fit together and assemble like a puzzle, providing a secure medium where we can grow our seeds. The material is organic and decomposes harmlessly. Designer: Trinidad Gana.

Pakistan’s One Billion Tree Project Is A Success

Photo: Witthawas_Siri / Shutterstock In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, some 730 million trees have been planted using various forest regeneration methods, and 300 million seedlings of some 40 different species were recently planted. In addition, nine million eucalyptus trees were planted in Heroshah in the 2015-2016 period, with the participation of 16,000 workers. ” Eucalyptus trees

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Underfloor Heating

Radiating floor. Image: Studiovin Shutterstock Underfloor heating is an alternative heating technology that serves to replace classic radiators. Today we will know its main advantages and disadvantages. Underfloor heating is a system of pipes through which hot water circulates. It allows the rooms of a house to maintain a constant temperature. The pipe is embedded