5 Online Companies Trying To Reduce Their Co2 Emissions

Today awareness of climate change and the preservation of our planet is increasingly widespread, reaching the boards of large companies like these. 1. Facebook. Almost at the beginning of this decade, the company made public for the first time data regarding its emissions and the origin of the energy they used. Despite its enormous growth,

Wheat Grass, Properties, Benefits And Uses

Image: Bobkov Evgeniy – Shutterstock. Wheatgrass, also known as “wheatgrass” or wheat germinated, is that tender grass from said plantation, collected while it is still green, and has a wide nutritional content. Every day there are more followers to consume this natural product, as a source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Properties of wheat grass.

Areca Palm. The Best Natural Humidifier

This plant, Areca Palm, can be used for environments where we need to humidify the environment for different reasons. It also removes environmental toxins and tolerates indoor environments. Certainly a good natural alternative for those places where we need a humidifier. Related:  10 floors that purify the air in your home. It is a small

Save Thousands Of Liters Of Water Using A Pool Robot

Pool cleaner robot. Image: Manuel Segura Martínez Shutterstock. The dream of almost everyone is to have a pool at home and it is that, without question, spending long summer months with the occasional refreshing bath in between definitely makes a difference. What you may not know is that having a pool is literally a luxury,

Boc’n Roll.

  I wanted to present you an invention that has had a great impact. It is the BOC’N ROLL, a simple wrapper for sandwiches, fruits and cookies, perfect to take to school, on a field trip or on a trip, thus reducing the use of disposable products. It can be used over and over again