Pet Bottles For Impressive Multi-color Ceiling

PET bottles for stunning multi-color ceiling0

Designer Garth Britzman had a great idea to reuse those PET bottles that accumulate in our landfills. He uses them to mount this multi-colored ceiling. The bottles are tied, suspended and filled with liquid of different colors and perfectly fulfills its mission of protecting from the sun’s rays. Great idea for endless locations.

PET bottles for stunning multi-color ceiling

Here is a time-lapse of the construction and assembly:

The cover is easy to transport. The structure was built in collaboration with a group of volunteers in Lincoln, Nebraska.

1,581 recycled PET bottles were used for this purpose; This proposal seeks to stimulate creative alternatives to reuse materials.

Each bottle is filled with a small amount of water of different colors, each color corresponds to the elevation of the bottle in relation to the ground plane.

Wood assembled with screws was used in the pillars. Diagonal braces and metal brackets were added at the corners to increase its structural stability. You can see the complete project with all the construction data in this link. Do you dare to make your own?

PET bottles for stunning multi-color ceiling2

The author explains the process, the inspiration and many curiosities of this phenomenal design in this video:

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