Pet-tree. Vertical Cultivation System

Pet-Tree is designed as an alternative system to traditional organic cultivation plantations, with the aim of promoting the use of 5-liter PET bottle waste , thus facilitating its recycling. Easy to assemble and use, it is aimed at small areas, with less water use (through the continuity of the water cycle within the system, eliminating water losses), thus achieving a reduction in the investment price. The plan is for the pots, made from half the PET bottles, to form a multi-level structure of geometric shape.


Through this system, the plastic bottles that are threatening the future of nature are recycled, in addition to raising awareness in society about these problems. The other plastic parts that form the main support of the planters are also made from recycled plastic materials.


The main support is made from 1mm thick stainless steel sheets. In a period in which water resources are decreasing day by day, climate change is changing the planet’s climate  and the natural disasters expected for the future are more violent, the efficient use of irrigation water is crucial.


Pet-Tree allows plantations on a small or large scale, with the objective of minimum consumption of resources and maximum efficiency. With the proposed design, the efficient use of water resources, saving time, having more and more plants in the same horizontal area are promoted, and for all this increase the efficiency and recycling of waste PET bottles.

The system is easy to assemble. Once the product is installed and the seeds are placed, the use and maintenance of the system are easy. Individual users who want to grow their own vegetables have a solution at Pet-Tree. In industrial use, compared to normal vegetable greenhouses, PetTree achieves a 175% increase in production, given the same area horizontally speaking.

The innovative irrigation system eliminates the loss of water, since the water within the system performs a continuous cycle, leading to a more efficient use of the necessary water. This is how the system works: The water that we have in the tank is sent to the pots by dripping and once all the cans have been watered the excess water is collected in the PET bottles on the ground floor. During this process, as the water from the PET bottles is poured into the water tank, which also collects the rainwater, with the membrane that surrounds the system (as a roof), the loss of water due to the vaporization is removed.

Designer: Dr.Hakan Gürsu.

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