Photovoltaic Canopies And Pergolas, A New Idea To Generate Solar Energy

Photovoltaic canopies and pergolas

Systems for collecting solar energy go far beyond the classic panels and even the facades of buildings. What if all bus shelter canopies were, in addition to safeguards for travelers, systems for generating renewable energy? The possibility is real, because the technology that allows the installation of photovoltaic canopies and pergolas already exists .

Onyx Solar, a company specializing in photovoltaic glass with headquarters and production plant in Ávila, has taken notice of the potential of these spaces and, with them in mind, has designed a constructive solution that not only protects from the outside, but does so while capturing the energy of the sun.

These are photovoltaic pergolas, which provide shade, protect from inclement weather and also from harmful solar radiation. However, since they are completely made of the photovoltaic glass that this firm sells, a simple bus stop can supply adjacent buildings or transfer the energy captured to the electricity grid, continuing with the previous example.

Car parks, transport stations, walkways, entrances to buildings, parks and leisure areas are just a few examples of the places that could benefit from the installation of this type of photovoltaic pergolas, a very versatile solution that is also fully customizable. Thus, this technology adapts to the needs of each project in areas such as dimensions, slopes or wind loads, aspects that are decisive for the design of any of these structures.

At the epicenter of these, Onyx’s photovoltaic glass, which is offered in two forms: a-Si (amorphous silicon) or c-Si (crystalline silicon). The latter is the one that is generally used in pergolas and stands out for offering higher efficiency compared to the other option, which has its strengths in aesthetics and in its performance in diffuse light conditions.

With experience in more than 150 projects, this company that has already opened offices in the United States and China has installed pergolas and photovoltaic canopies for brands such as Samsung, which opted for one of these pergolas for the accesses to the Tanjong Pagar tower in Singapore. The Union City station in San Francisco also allows us to see, in practice, the result of solutions from a company that has made it possible to walk on solar energy, among other innovations.

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