Planters For Home Gardens

Planters for home gardens

To have a garden at home, to grow in small spaces, the first thing we must take into account is the organization, making the most of our space, each hole will be very useful. Any small space can be adapted to grow.

When choosing the location we must take into account that the plants need direct sunlight and if they can be protected from the wind better. But don’t worry, if you have spaces with few hours of light, you can plant strawberries, chard, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, garlic and leeks, plants that have less need for sun. But keep in mind in this first planning phase that “without sun there is no garden.

Planters for home gardens

By organizing our garden or urban garden well, even inexperienced gardeners can have their reward. Not to mention the great satisfaction that we get from growing our own plants, vegetables or greens.

Very important to make good use of our space, we must choose the most suitable planter for our needs. There are many types, vertical, horizontal and corner planters for various pots.

The ones in the image in particular are growing bags for urban gardens, with one or more departments specially designed to grow vegetables, medicinal plants or even create a corner of aromatic plants that you can use in your kitchen later.

Once the space and the planter have been decided, it’s time to decide what to plant. In this link you have the  vegetable crop files  and the sowing calendar . There are many possibilities, combinations or tastes. We need to have a very clear planning, especially if we are going to use the garden for self-consumption. 

We can grow with seeds or seedlings, although for beginning gardeners we recommend seedlings, they are easier to start.

As for the substrate, it is best if it is organic, light, with adequate porosity and that it retains the fundamental nutrients.

I liked this concept of urban planter, it works for your patio, terrace or garden, perfect for small places due to the little space they occupy and easy installation.

garden at home planters

To finish, I leave you this infographic that can be very useful especially at the beginning:

Vegetable garden at home

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