Poly-glu, The ‘purifying Powder’ With The Ability To Purify Water At Low Cost


They have come to call it ‘the dust that will save the world’ and it is no wonder. It is Poly-Glu, a product that purifies water in record time and that does it at low cost and in a very simple and sustainable way. Composed of an acid that is extracted from fermented soybeans, this product has supplied pollutant-free water to places in need of this resource such as Somalia or Haiti.

Sumatra, Thailand, Mexico, Kenya, Burundi and, recently, Sierra Leone, add to the list of places where this water purification agent has made life easier for its citizens, bringing this basic resource closer to them and minimizing the risks of disease derived from the ingestion of contaminated water.

Dysentery, cholera or typhoid are just some of the diseases that the consumption of untreated water produces around the world, where more than half a million people die each year from diarrhea derived from water contamination.

The reality that emerges from these figures, from the World Health Organization, explains the hopes placed on Poli-Glu which, as you can see in this video, acts with astonishing speed, ease and efficiency. Basically, all it takes to purify contaminated water is to pour the powder, shake the water, and wait for the impurities to separate and go, attached, to the bottom of the container.

Thus, this agent developed by the Japanese firm based in Osaka Nippon Poly-Glu, allows only with this simple process to free the water from polluting agents and turn it into a resource suitable for use at home or in daily hygiene. However, to ingest it, another step will be necessary. Once the impurities have been separated, all you have to do to drink the water safely is to boil it.

This “magical transformation” , as its promoters say, of contaminated water into “clear and transparent” water is achieved thanks to the component used to create Poly-Glu, which is nothing more than polyglutamic acid extracted from a product that is so common in Japan as it is harmless. for the environment: fermented soybeans.

With this innovation as a flag, the Japanese company continues to advance its work so that safe drinking water reaches the places in the world where it is most needed. Along these lines, it has taken a further step and, to its water purifying powder, it now adds the development of water treatment plants, which have already been established in places like Bangladesh or Somalia. These are just some of the countries whose inhabitants have been able to overcome the scarcity of this resource thanks to the commitment of this company that, on its own or in collaboration with the United Nations International Organization for Migration, has taken its purifying agent to areas without access to water, in conflict or devastated by natural disasters.

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