Porec Irrigations Systems

POREC Irrigations Systems

POREC Irrigations Systems, a company founded by the brothers Josep MarĂ­a and Alex Gaya with a long professional career in the development of machinery for the textile industry, has recently finished developing its product, after several years of research and tests, resulting in a new irrigation tube made from technical knitted fabric. It is this period prior to the launch that the Generalitat subsidizes.

This help has made it possible for POREC to come onto the market with several products based on the same irrigation system; the most important are the Family Garden Kit (a box with all the necessary utensils to set up a garden in the home garden), the Tree Irrigation Kit and the Planter Irrigation Kit, which also include the POREC tube and the connections for watering, respectively. , trees and planters.
The irrigation system sold by POREC (the belt is covered with a porous resin and has thousands of dynamic micromembranes) has a series of advantages compared to conventional systems, including a lower risk of obstruction by particles, an easier installation or more control of the applied water flow; but also, when this system is used buried it offers:
  • More savings in irrigation water because it avoids evaporation and runoff (it reaches the roots by capillarity directly, reducing the evaporation of the water that occurs through external irrigation and can achieve water savings of up to 20%).
  • Less phytosanitary treatments because there is no humidity in the neck of the plant.
  • Better sanitary protection avoiding the transmission of aerial diseases such as legionella that can cause other irrigation systems such as sprinkling.
  • Decrease in vandalism problems in public landscaping.
In terms of energy efficiency, this system allows low pressure irrigation, in long periods, which saves energy. It is also very suitable for the application of recycled and generally non-potable water.
Some of the applications of POREC tape in gardening are: irrigation for urban gardens, tree irrigation, flower boxes, lawn irrigation, parks and gardens. In agriculture: irrigation of olive groves, vineyards, fruit trees, greenhouses, organic crops and cultivation bags. And in public and private infrastructures: irrigation of sports fields, golf courses and medium roads.
POREC’s new irrigation system, patented in Europe, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Chile and Israel and developed in collaboration with the companies Tints Quadrada and Color Center, has already received awards such as the 1st Prize for the Best Business Initiative in the Scope of New Technologies (Creatic Awards, 7th edition) or the Barcelona Provincial Council Award for Business Initiative with greater respect for the environment. The company plans to start the international launch of its product in 2010.

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