Portable Toilet, Without The Need For Installation Or Water, Capable Of Evaporating 95% Of The Waste Water

Portable toilet, no installation or water required

2.6 billion people around the planet do not have access to safe toilets. In addition to affecting their health, women and girls “ face high rates of violence when they do not have access to safe and decent sanitation ,” according to biochemist and businesswoman Diana Yousef, executive director of Change WATER Labs. She is working in a solution: a portable toilet, without plumbing installations, without the need for water or electricity.

80% of illnesses worldwide are attributable to poor sanitation ,” Yousef said in a YouTube video from the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards; where it is a finalist in 2018.

Indigenous groups, people living in poverty or refugees do not have many options to cope with the lack of adequate sanitation. So they are working on a low-cost, portable, no-installation toilet, compact and safe for the environment, capable of evaporating 95% of wastewater without energy with the help of a simple polymeric membrane. Users would not need plumbing or water installation to flush the toilet.

Portable toilet capable of evaporating 95% of wastewater

The membrane acts like a sponge, ” absorbing and accelerating the evaporation of liquids without the use of energy or heat … The vapors released are pure, clean water, while the dry solids that remain are safely contained within the membrane ” . This reduction in volume means that toilets only need to be checked once or twice a month. Yousef has commented that the toilet returns wastewater to nature ” in its purest form ” in an attempt to promote a ” cycle of use and reuse in a more efficient, sustainable and low-emission way “.

Deployment on the ground could take place later this year; Yousef has three pilot partnerships in the United States, Central America, and the Middle East and Africa.

More information: change-water.com

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