Production Of Europe’s First Electric Ford Starts

First electric Ford

The multinational Ford Motor Company  today opened a new chapter in its history with the beginning of production of the first electric Ford, the new Focus Electric, the first fully electric vehicle manufactured by Ford in Europe, specifically at its plant in Saarlouis, Germany. .

The zero-emission Focus Electric leads Ford’s range of highly fuel-efficient electric vehicles, which will be expanded in 2014 with a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the C-MAX Energi, and the new Mondeo Hybrid.

First all-electric Ford.

The Focus Electric, developed as a global “One Ford” vehicle, has an electric motor and lithium-ion battery that produces 143 hp, reaching a top speed of 136 km / h.

Ford has invested 16 million euros to integrate the production of the Focus Electric directly on the existing Focus production line in Saarlouis, achieving the flexibility to respond to market demand with increasing production volumes.

The new Focus Electric is the first fully electric vehicle to be manufactured in Germany directly from a high-volume production line. Each Focus Electric is equipped with a fully integrated 6.6 kW charger that can offer a driving range of up to 100 km with 2-3 hours of charging and up to 150 km with 3-4 hours of charging from a charging station. of 32 A.

It has a new user interface called SmartGauge that calculates and It shows the range based on the remaining energy, the use of the vehicle by the driver through braking and acceleration statistics and the use of accessories such as
the climate control and the audio system.

The Focus Electric’s motor uses regenerative braking to capture up to 95 percent of the kinetic energy normally lost during the braking process, while innovative Brake Coach technology encourages gradual braking to help return more energy. to the battery.

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