Prototype Of Shower Water Saver Made In Chile

Salomon Valdivia, a faithful reader of eco-inventions, sends us his prototype “saving water for the shower”.

It is a device (prototype in operation) in the shape of a capsule that measures 40 cm long by 9 cm wide or diameter and that is easily connected to the shower, in this case to the hose that comes out of the tap and goes up.

This device allows diverting to a clean container, all the cold drinking water that falls into the drain while we wait for the water to come out hot to be able to bathe (8 to 10 liters average per shower), that drinking water that we divert to the container can then be drunk or use for whatever we want because it is totally clean and drinkable water.

Acqua Tempus, the shower timer to save up to 80% water

This device is easily connected to any shower and saves drinking water by diverting to containers that we can install in the kitchen or wherever we want.

It works automatically and is totally self-sustaining, it does not need external energy sources to function, it is low cost to manufacture and therefore it would be easily available for any home, it is light, it does not need a specialist to install it, anyone can do it. can do, the investment is recovered by itself by generating significant savings in drinking water and therefore in the water bill for the month.

Today Chile and the world are going through a drought, a water crisis that has been without real solutions for society for years, partly due to climate change and the waste of natural resources and that tomorrow may worsen if not real and concrete measures are taken. 

System to take advantage of shower water designed in Colombia

People are still not aware of this problem, at least not most. The largest amount of drinking water that is lost in a city is in homes, and more specifically in the kitchen and the bathroom, for example, when a person takes a shower they let the cold water run before it gets hot, just with This act loses 8 to 10 liters of drinking water, water that goes down the drain, is thrown away. 

The challenge today is precisely to innovate, find real solutions that also allow educating and creating awareness in society, making them part of the problem but also of the solution.

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