Public Bath With Rainwater Harvesting Will Be Installed In San Francisco

Soon, it will be possible to see them on the streets of the American city.

A technological bathroom concept made of steel and metal panels with a rainwater reuse system that won a design competition held in San Francisco, California (USA).

Proposed by the architecture studio SmithGroup, the project is “worthy” to be proposed in the city of Silicon Valley, where the headquarters of the largest high-tech companies are located.

The AmeniTREES project comes in four models: a single unit, a double bathroom or a double bathroom with shelves.

The development of these design alternatives, along with the incorporation of native plants and trees, allows for a collection as varied as the neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Among the variations, the system for collecting, treating and reusing rainwater stands out. The proposal includes a storage tank, a pump and a filtering system. According to the architects, the idea was to create a model that required minimal maintenance and, at the same time, could last a long time.

Rainwater can be used for flushing, for washing the units themselves and even for watering the vegetation on the bathroom ceiling. This minimizes the expense of drinking water.

The bathrooms also provide dedicated space for digital advertising, which can be a source of maintenance for the structures in conjunction with the San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW), which launched the contest.


The bathrooms are designed to be easy to install and maintain. Inspired by classic kiosks, they have openings on almost all sides and even have metal sliding doors.

The sculptural shape of the bathrooms gives a feeling of complexity. However, the parts mounting kit is straightforward because it consists of repeating, rotating panels.

They can be adapted to the different climatic conditions of the city.

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