Qflow, The Ecological Heater


QFlow is an ecological flame-fed heater. Its ventilation allows you to create a zone with a comfortable temperature around it. From this area you can access a warm air conditioning without gas and electricity.

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  1. Simple and intuitive.
  2. Up to 100 hours of continuous use.
  3. Set with warm materials.
  4. Aromatize your space.


QFlow is capable of raising the comfort zone by 4 degrees in 30 minutes, and the temperature of the rest of a 20 square meter room by 2 degrees.

How QFlow works.

Through two ceramic containers it is possible to enhance the heat energy of the flames. The product has two Peltier cells that, through the seebeck effect,  feed a 10 v fan.


The fan distributes the heat creating an area of ​​comfort for the user. Ceramic absorbs heat quickly, gradually releasing it to the environment by radiation.

Designers: Federico Dorfman, Agustina García, Alejandra Hanashiro.

At the moment we do not know satisfactory evidence of its operation or where it can be purchased.

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