Quenchsea, A Low-cost Portable Device For Converting Seawater Into Fresh Water Without Electricity

QuenchSea, a low-cost portable device for converting seawater into freshwater without electricity

QuenchSea is a low-cost, portable desalination device that converts salt water into fresh water. For this, the device combines a hydraulic system, a triple pre-filtration process and a small reverse osmosis membrane to desalinate seawater using only human energy. At sea or shore, you can turn sea water into clean drinking water instantly.

Under ideal conditions, QuenchSea can produce three liters of water in one hour. It has a hydraulic system capable of accumulating a pressure of up to 60 bars, eliminating salts from seawater through a reverse osmosis membrane.

The built-in ultrafiltration and microfiltration system removes suspended solids, pathogens, parasites and microplastics. Then, through the adsorption process, an advanced activated carbon filter ensures both the taste and smell of the water are pleasant.

The reverse osmosis process is responsible for demineralizing water where the osmosis membrane rejects larger molecules such as dissolved salts (ions) and other impurities such as pathogens to produce highly potable water for drinking.

QuenchSea was developed primarily to have a positive impact, to provide access to clean fresh water globally. We are trying to achieve economies of scale to reduce costs to donate and distribute 100 million units by the year 2027. Our big vision is to help alleviate the global water crisis in the next 7 years on a small and large scale.

More information: quenchsea.world

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