R4 House. A House Built With Recycled And Recovered Elements


With this name the architect Luis de Garrido has christened a house built with recycled, recovered and waste elements, which is based on six containers of those used in ports.

 This prototype of a bioclimatic house uses an underground ventilation system that allows to keep the climate cool in the house and thus reduce energy consumption. In addition, most of the walls are made of glass, illuminated inside with backlit materials, which allows us to reduce the need to turn on lights and thus reduce energy consumption.

All the pieces that make up the house have been assembled dry using screws and clamps. Thus allowing us to use all the pieces in any other house, this can be seen applied to that if we buy a new house or change one of its parts, it can be reused in other houses, as many times as we want.

The functions of the home are controlled by a state-of-the-art technology control system, which allows showing the advantages of a connected home without the restrictions of other home automation systems.

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