Radiaglass. Curtain Wall. Energy Saving System In Buildings.

curtain wall

The company Intelliglass SL, a Technology Based Company linked to the Polytechnic University of Madrid, has developed RadiaGlass an energy saving system in buildings. This technology allows water to circulate between the glass sheets that make up the facade of a building, blocking a significant part of the incident solar radiation and creating a controlled thermal envelope.

 On September 8, the first building in the world with a “RadiaGlass” curtain wall, that is to say, the first active curtain wall in the world, started operating in Spain. This building, located on Calle Rodolfo Llopis in Cuenca, will house the new multipurpose classroom for the university campus of the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Cuenca.

The RadiaGlass active curtain wall takes advantage of geothermal energy to eliminate the heat of the incident Sun in summer, thus achieving savings of up to 70% in energy consumption for air conditioning. In winter, the active curtain wall also makes use of geothermal energy to temper the glass, thus reducing energy losses and thus energy consumption for heating.  

IntelliGlass is a technology-based company born in 2007 under the business creation program of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. The company has several international patents and has obtained local, regional and national awards and mentions for its innovative and entrepreneurial work.

The company offers those interested in this revolutionary new product a team of architects and engineers to offer them an elegant, economical and sustainable solution that solves the problems of glass architecture.

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