Raht Racer, The Fastest Pedal Vehicle In The World

Raht racer

If you like cycling to work, but need to get there a bit faster, then the Raht Racer is the ideal bike for you, a hybrid between electric car and 3-wheel bike. This vehicle amplifies the power of your pedaling to allow cyclists to travel at car speeds, it can reach a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour!

Thanks to a gear ratio, it drives a dynamo that generates electricity and is stored in a battery. The electricity stored in the battery powers a small electric motor, which drives the rear wheel. As the cyclist is “the fuel” that powers the electric motor, it does not need a fossil fuel that generates polluting emissions.

Raht Racer Pedal Electric Tricycle

Raht Racer is an electric 3-wheel vehicle that has a large interior space, enough to satisfy our day to day, such as a laptop, a bag or lunch. It also prioritizes safety with a roll cage, airbags, and seat belts. There is even a second seat for a passenger.

The Raht Racer is the perfect vehicle for people who want to cycle to work but live too far from the office. The system works with electricity generated by the rider himself – so it is actually an electric tricycle.

Raht Racer Indoor Pedal Electric Tricycle

Safer than a motorcycle or bicycle on a busy street, Raht has an integrated roll cage, a reinforced carbon fiber body, with the safety features implemented in cars, such as headlights, taillights, seat belts and bags. air.

This vehicle was a finalist in the “Clean Energy Trust Challenge 2015”.

Designer:  rahtmobile.com

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