Re: Cycle, The Bicycle Made With 300 Recycled Nespresso Capsules

Bicycles have always been an ecological and sustainable means of transport. Riding a bike in the open air with the breeze running through your hair, the blue sky above your head and all without polluting. How good it sounds!

The Swedish company Vélosophy has gone one step further with its collaboration with Nestlé. Made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules, RE: CYCLE is the brainchild of Jimmy Östholm, an entrepreneur in the bicycle industry.

The aluminum in the coffee capsules is melted down and then used by Vélosophy to make a sturdy and rigid bicycle. A perfect combination of sustainability and design, it is a good example of recycling.

RE: CYCLE maintains the simple and iconic design philosophy of Vélosophy, a minimalist and elegant bike with well-defined edges. However, there are some surprising touches.

The purple frame has been inspired by the Arpeggio (the famous Nespresso coffee), while the bell has been molded to resemble the shape of the much-loved coffee capsule. The basket is created from steamed curved oak and comes with two practical straps to secure the load.

This limited edition bike has been created (to be exact) from 300 coffee pods.

RE: CYCLE has an iconic design, based on sustainability, that brings to life the recycling potential of our aluminum coffee capsules. Our unique collaboration pays tribute to the beauty of aluminum, which can be recycled over and over again, and demonstrates the potential of the circular economy.

Justin DeGeorge, Vice President of Marketing for Nespresso.

Only available in purple and only 1000 units on the market. For every bicycle they sell, they also provide a girl in Ghana with a bicycle that allows her to go to school. Sleek and smart, these bikes are not only sustainable but help make the world better! RE: CYCLE is the bike of the future.

Good initiative, recycling and the circular economy is key in a sustainable society, but my advice, the best coffee is from the coffee maker, and the used coffee is from the composter.

Designer: Vélosophy.

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