Recompute: Green Computer.


Computers are very good, thanks to them we have been able to advance in various fields but as often happens not everything is good. Those same machines that make it easier for us to continue developing experiments, research, work and a long etcetera are also a very important source of waste, some quite complicated to recycle, such as plastic.

Brenden Macaluso, a student at the University of Houston, got down to work with the idea of ​​finding a solution to reduce this waste. After several months of work, he created Recompute, a computer with a case made entirely of corrugated cardboard. Brenden not only wanted the housing material to be recyclable but also the production and disposal processes to be as environmentally friendly as possible. And he got it.

The Recompute manufacturing processes will have much less environmental impact than the common ones, there are exactly four: cutting the cardboard, gluing, printing and assembly of electronic elements. In terms of components, it mainly uses three: motherboard with processor and memory, power supply and hard disk. On the other hand, it is much easier to disassemble it to be able to properly recycle all its parts, which is not currently done because the time it takes to disassemble a normal PC tower is too much and it is not profitable.

Brende thought of everything, also the heat. Corrugated cardboard was used for better ventilation and the motherboard and power supply are separated, minimizing heat. In addition to all this, the ignition temperature of the cardboard is between 258 and 427 degrees while the plastic begins to melt at 120 degrees.

Recompute is not a chimera, it is an interesting project behind which there are many hours. Not me only, to give some examples this ecological computer remained among the 10 finalists for the Green Gadgets 2009 contest and received special distinction in the Annual Design Review Student Work organized by the magazine ID To top it off as discussed in the official website is working in an improved design that will begin to be produced before the end of 2009 (indeed, pre-orders can already be made).


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