Refillable Stainless Steel Coffee Capsules

Refillable Steel Coffee Capsules

WayCap capsules are reusable and compatible with Nespresso machines. They are made of stainless steel and are refillable with any type of ground coffee in less than 30 seconds and as many times as you want.

They are as easy to fill as they are to empty, remember that used coffee can be composted.

Refillable Stainless Steel Coffee Capsules

The greatest benefit it has is the drastic reduction of the garbage generated by these types of coffee makers, the millions of capsules that end up in landfills around the world are incalculable. We do not forget the economic savings that you can obtain using this type of capsules.

Stainless Steel Coffee Capsules

Eliminating waste from this type of coffee maker has always been a challenge, we now remember the capsules that disappeared when using them  or the Almeria designer who used them for her collection of bags and earrings. With this invention it seems that we are on the right track.

Although if you really want a more sustainable coffee maker, I recommend Nomad, the coffee machine that works without electricity.

There is recycling of these capsules. Believe it or not, there are manufacturing companies that also collect used capsules for later recycling. Find out before throwing them away.

WayCap was funded through Indiegogo, where it raised $269,076, more than ten times the amount needed to begin manufacturing.

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