Reforestation In China Is Encouraging The Return Of Exotic Animals

Jiuzhaigou Sichuan. Image: San Hoyano Shutterstock

China is undertaking an ambitious project, underway for decades, to increase its forest area to 23% of the country’s total area by the end of the decade.

In addition to green benefits for people, such as cleaner air, forests are also helping the return of animals to habitats from which they had previously disappeared. Using infrared cameras placed in the Ziwuling Forest in Yan’an, Shannxi province, northwest China, researchers from Beijing Normal University have documented the presence of many exotic species, including the largest population of North China leopards ever recorded. in the region.

Some of the most interesting animals that can be seen in the revitalized Ziwuling Forest are the golden pheasants, a beautiful bird that has established wild populations around the world.

The nature reserve has a large population of wild boar and roe deer, as well as small and medium carnivorous animals such as ocelots and red foxes ,” Feng Limin Feng, associate professor at Beijing Normal University, told China Plus.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Hunan Province, China. Image: Efired Shutterstock

Scientists working in the region have documented the presence of 263 different species, including eight critically endangered species and 29 threatened species.

This diverse animal community represents great progress for a region that had suffered hard from the effects of deforestation.

If it weren’t for the environmental protection we have undertaken, it is likely that none of these animals would have survived, ” said Feng. The reforestation of China represents a large part of its project to invest in protecting the environment and combating climate change. Even the army has been mobilized for this task.

At the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese President Xi Jinping said: “ Taking the lead in international cooperation to fight climate change, China has become an important asset, contributor and torchbearer in the global effort to an ecological civilization “.

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