Renault Trezor, An Electric Car Of The Future

Renault trezor

What will the electric car of the future look like? Renault proposes Trezor – a futuristic 350 horsepower electric car that can go from 0-100 km / h in less than four seconds.

To get into the vehicle, the entire hood, windshield, and side windows are raised, but you will still still have to jump to get in as it doesn’t have conventional doors. The vehicle also uses a rechargeable energy storage system to recover energy during braking. It incorporates two batteries, one in front and one behind.

The Trezor is a design car, exploring the style and technology that could be used in future electric cars. His profile is elegant, an artist’s dream.

Inside there is a red wooden dashboard that incorporates the boot. Custom-made trunks are secured with leather straps in front of the driver and passenger. Although the wooden dashboard and red leather seats look inspired by sports cars of the past, the Trezor features the latest technology, incorporating an L-shaped touchscreen connected to a large curved OLED touchscreen on the dashboard just in front of the driver. .

The rectangular steering wheel features touchscreens that replace the traditional buttons on today’s steering wheels. The touch screens allow access to the car’s three driving modes: normal, sport and autonomous. In autonomous driving mode, the exterior lighting changes to let other drivers know that the car is in autonomous mode. The steering wheel is also detached to give a better view of the dashboard, so that the driver can watch a movie or just look at the scenery.

The Renault Trezor was recently unveiled at Designjunction during the London Design Festival. Renault and Nissan have announced plans to introduce new fully electric cars in the near future, one of them may be the Trezor ????

Photos: Renault / Mike Chino.

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