Reusable Adhesive Solar Tape

Adhesive and reusable solar tape

Solar energy has come a long way from the gigantic solar plants of the desert. Advances in nanomaterials and microtechnology now offer unprecedented design possibility. The solar tape concept pushes the limits of portable solar power by offering a reusable strip again and again.

You can instantly transform almost any object into a solar power plant. It is perfect for campers who can charge devices when hiking. Its reusable adhesive backing can adhere to canvas, glass, and just about any other surface without laying flat so you can use it in an unlimited number of places.

Although this solar tape by designer Lei Yang is only a prototype, the idea is based on technology that is currently available. infinityPV  manufactures solar tape, flexible and printed organic solar cells that come in adhesive-backed rolls to cut and stick to rods, window blinds, window frames, glass, drone wings, cabinets, or anywhere else you can need electricity.

And in fact, one of these tapes can be made at home today. But you will need some knowledge of soldering or a converter, like infinityPV’s OPV3W60V DCDC converter board.

infinityPV Solar Tape comes in standard widths of 30mm or 60mm, but they can also be custom made for you. The length of the roll of tape can also be custom ordered.

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