Rico, Recycling Your Old Smartphone Into A Security System For Your Home

Rico, recycling your old smartphone into a security system for your home

Thanks to Kickstarter another curious and beneficial project for the environment comes true. We are talking about Rico, a support that looks like a toy robot that will turn our old smartphone with no useful life into a complete security system for our home.

Each year, more than 700 million phones are thrown away and only 10% of these are recycled.

Rico MindHelix

Its designer is a young entrepreneur named Kallidil Kalidasan, who lives in Kerala, India. It will market Rico through its Mindhelix store.

With Rico we will use the sensors, the microphone, the processor, the Wi-Fi connection and the smartphone camera. To this must be added a sensor for temperature, movement, smoke, carbon monoxide, humidity and efficient plug control. We just have to place our old smartphone inside Rico for it to take control.

Rico connects with an app that we can install on our current smartphone and that will provide us with all the information we need to manage our home in a more secure way.

Rico is, therefore, a digital home watchdog that can inform us of various environmental parameters of our house, function as a video surveillance system using the phone’s camera and even activate or deactivate electrical appliances thanks to smart plugs that come with the starter kit .

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