Rocsie, The Wooden Electric Motorcycle Designed In Barcelona

Rocsie, the wooden electric motorcycle designed in Barcelona

Inspired by classic motorcycles from the 1950s, Rocsie is a striking looking electric motorcycle with a sleek design that uses a variety of surprising materials: wood, leather and metal. The use of plastic is practically reduced to zero or minimized as much as possible.

Design and local crafts in Barcelona.

Riding this motorcycle is a declaration of intent and will give you a benchmark in your lifestyle. With a minimalist design (less is more), the team presents an electric motorcycle that is completely different from those on the market.

Rocsie: “ Our mission is to bring back ancient local crafts to make things that last, focusing on high quality and detail, while creating new jobs in the region. We believe in producing quality products while taking care of our planet, our workers and, of course, future generations . “

Custom components.

  • Brakes, levers and handlebars.
  • Front lights.
  • Tires and brakes.
  • Battery and wooden frame.
  • Hand-stitched seat in colored leather with taillights.
  • Engine power.
  • Metal footrest.

Colors for the wooden structure.

  • Blue.
  • Iroco.
  • Gray Wood.
  • Space Gray.

Each motorcycle is unique and has its price. This handmade wooden electric motorcycle has an estimated retail price of 4,500 euros, but going through different customizations and components can reach up to 8,000 euros.

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