Salads In Jars, A Great Idea To Take To Work

Salads in jars

If you do not have time to prepare a healthy lunch every day, these recipes for salads in jars will help you. The best thing is that you can prepare them in advance, and refrigerate them for up to 3-4 days and they will stay fresh and delicious.

Working in a stressful environment often leads us to skip lunch or eat anything in any way. This usually happens to you occasionally at first, but it can quickly become a habit and have harmful effects on your health.

The following video contains 4 tasty recipes for all tastes, from an Asian salad to a delicious fruit salad. All you need to do is buy the ingredients and get yourself some glass jars . You can experiment with your own recipes, you just have to distribute the salad by layers, so the sauce and the juiciest thing will be at the bottom, and the lettuce on top, so that it remains intact until you eat it.

We will do the distribution as follows:

  • First we will put the dressing in the jar.
  • Next, whatever is heavier and juicier: like tomatoes, pickles, chives etc …
  • Above the lightest such as lentils, mushrooms, onion etc …
  • At the end we will put the lettuce and other green leafy vegetables.

You can also bring dehydrated fruit, a fantastic most natural dessert, here we show you how to make it.

Remember that transportation is essential for the preservation of the salad, that the dressing remains at the bottom will ensure that the salad stays fresh.

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